Why choose Reliance Medicare Advantage?

Because healthcare is broken, and we’re fixing it – from the ground up.

No more expensive premiums.

No more expensive premiums.

At Reliance, we’re focused on lowering your monthly out-of-pocket costs. We offer a $0 monthly plan premium option to help keep your costs down.

 No more deductibles.

No more deductibles.

At Reliance, we got rid of the medical deductible. That means you don’t have to pay out-of-pocket before your health insurance starts helping pay for services. The savings start right away.

No more feeling like a number.

No more feeling like a number.

At Reliance, you’ll have a licensed agent who can answer your benefit questions and access to a dedicated nurse who can address your medical questions.

 No more jumping through hoops to get access to a specialist.

No more jumping through hoops to get access to a specialist.

At Reliance, simply identify the specialist that you want to see in our network and make an appointment. That’s it.

Serving our Communities

Reliance Medicare Advantage is available to residents in these Michigan counties:
Genesee – Macomb – Monroe – Oakland – St. Clair – Wayne


Accepted by some of the largest health systems around, including: Henry Ford Health System, McLaren, Trinity, DMC, Prime, and Mercy Health – St. Vincent

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